About Us

about us

About us at Ham Shack Reviews, we give our opinion about a radio or other piece of equipment. These opinions or reviews come from men and women that love ham radio. We share ways to improve our signals or eliminate noise. We want everyone to enjoy the hobby as much as we do. I try to give a fair an honest review about every product I have experience with.

My primary directive is to promote ham radio and good will to all new and prospective hams. To help experienced hams, and hopefully learn something along the way. To grow and expand the ham radio ranks and make good friends along the way.

As hams we seek out answers, and search for better ways to communicate in all types of weather conditions. We step up when emergencies arise. Training and volunteering our time and equipment to help the community when the need arises. We help with recording the weather conditions using Skywarn spotter program to report, and have a little fun with contests.

We help prospective hams get their license through the Volunteer examiner program, many of us hold credentials with more then one VEC.