FT3DR programming software

The RT Systems FT3D Programming Software makes it easy for you program memory channels, and other settings into your radio. All RT Systems Radio Programming Software is compatible with Windows 10, 7, 8, and 8.1 (the full version).  

The software downloads directly from RT Systems secure website, and you can register the software at the same time. A CD-ROM is available by request directly from RT Systems.

All the radio parameters are straightforward with check boxes for easy and fast programming. The memory lists are intuitive and well organized. The different modes are easy to set in the lists, and this include ARTS and APRS.

<script>The FT3D programming software cable is designed specifically to connect between the computer and your radio. Excellent service is available to answer any questions about the radio, software, and cable. 

The software guides you with reading to, and from the radio, with step by step instructions. All RT Systems software is made for a specific radio, this makes a direct connection easier, and covers all the settings within that radio.

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RT Systems FT3D Programming Experience

The FT3D software box only had the wire inside. There were instructions on how to downloaded the software from the site. It was easy to find and downloaded on the first try. I added the Key and it came right up.

It walked me through the steps to connect the radio to the computer and read it, which is nice. This appeared to be like many other programming software that I have used. Once I started programming, I noticed the frequencies can be set faster then with  other programs.

After the frequencies, I set the functions the way I like them, and read it back to the radio. This software stored quickly, and every setting was correct. I have to give some credit to the menu design of the Yaesu FT3D, the menu is easy to use.

By Vince

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