Latest V2.4 Malachite DSP2

Enjoy top-notch listening with the Malachite DSP2. It’s upgraded to V2.4 and delivers amazing clarity and high specs for better sound.

Key Features of the Malachite DSP2

The Malachite DSP2 has amazing features that make it top of its class. You’ll get great performance and easy use, ensuring a top listening experience. Additionally, the Malachite DSP2 now has a wider waterfall bandwidth from 160 kHz to 192 kHz. This lets you see the frequency spectrum better, making it easier to analyze and identify signals.

The DSP2 has a speaker that faces front delivering better audio quality. The sound waves are focused at you, producing a deeper and richer sound. In addition to, the metal encoder knobs are a nice feature that look good and work well. They are durable and allow for smooth setting adjustments.

It has two antenna jacks. So, you can listen to AM and FM at the same time. This means more variety and better reception, no matter what you’re tuning into. The DSP2 has great internal shielding that cuts down on noise and interference. Furthermore, you get a clearer signal and will not miss anything important. It is powered by a flat Li-Ion cell for longer battery life without stopping to charge.

Widening Waterfall BandwidthImproved signal analysis and identification
Front-Firing SpeakerSuperior audio quality for an immersive listening experience
High-Quality Metal Encoder KnobsPrecise control and durability
Dual Antenna JacksSimultaneous AM and FM reception for greater flexibility
Impressive Internal ShieldingNoise reduction for cleaner signal reception
Extended Battery DurationLonger listening time with flat Li-Ion cell

Comparison with Chinese Clones

The Malachite DSP2 stands out for its amazing performance and listening joy. Yet, it is often compared to Chinese clones, like the HFDY clone. The HFDY clone matches the Malachite DSP2 in performance but also has unique benefits.

The HFDY clone has a speaker that faces the front. This makes the sound better and the listening more immersive. The high-quality metal knobs add to its premium feel and make it last longer. These features make the HFDY clone quite appealing.

Both the Malachite DSP2 and the HFDY clone need to be grounded right. Good grounding cuts down on unwanted sounds and interference. It’s key to follow the grounding tips from their makers for the best performance.

Also, both the Malachite DSP2 and the HFDY clone have great internal shielding. This shielding cuts down on outside interference and boosts signal reception. It makes sure you get a clear and steady listening experience, even when there’s a lot of radio noise around.

Comparison Table: Malachite DSP2 vs. HFDY Clone Performance and Quality

FeaturesMalachite DSP2HFDY Clone
Sound QualitySuperior listening experienceFront-firing speaker for enhanced audio
DurabilityHigh-quality metal knobs
Grounding RequirementOptimal performance requires groundingOptimal performance requires grounding
Noise ReductionImpressive internal shieldingImpressive internal shielding
Battery LifeImproved Li-on

Both the Malachite DSP2 and the HFDY clone are top choices for great performance and quality. Your choice depends on what you value most. Whether it’s the Malachite DSP2’s great listening or the HFDY clone’s extra benefits, both are excellent.

Noise Reduction and Antenna Options

The Malachite DSP2 receiver is better at reducing noise now. It offers users a better listening time. A big reason for this is the different types of antennas you can use.

For antennas, the Malachite DSP2 works best with non-whip ones. If you connect it to a longwire antenna or a wire that’s at least two meters long, it works even better. These options help focus on the signals you want. This cuts down on unwanted noise.

The Malachite team works hard to make noise less of a problem. They update the receiver regularly. This means users get clearer and nicer sound when they use it.

Chart: Comparison of Antenna Options

Antenna TypePerformance
Non-whip AntennaSignificantly reduces noise and interference
Longwire Antenna (Normal or at least 2m length)Improves signal reception for better clarity
Other Types of AntennasMay experience higher levels of noise and interference

With the right antenna, Malachite DSP2 users can really cut down on noise. This leads to better listening. You can choose a non-whip or a longwire antenna. Both options help you hear signals better and lessen noise.

Performance Comparison with Other Receivers

The Malachite DSP2 has a lot of signal processing power. But, it might not beat other receivers like the Tecsun and Belka in easy listening.

This receiver has cool features for adjusting sound. Yet, it needs extra work to sound its best because of noise. The Tecsun, on the other hand, sounds great as soon as you start using it. It’s easy for everyone to use. That makes it a favorite among radio fans.

The Malachite DSP2 is flexible and has strong signal processing. Still, it might not always beat Tecsun and Belka in simple listening.

The Malachite DSP2 is good if you like tweaking settings. It takes some effort, but you can make it sound amazing. Whether you like it depends on how much you enjoy customizing.

Comparative Performance Overview: Malachite DSP2 vs. Tecsun vs. Belka

Malachite DSP2Advanced signal processing and flexibilityRequires adjustment and fine-tuning for optimal listenability
TecsunImpressive out-of-the-box performanceGood listenability with user-friendly settings
Belka DXExcellent listenable audio qualitySimpler settings for ease of use

Latest Firmware Upgrades

The Malachite DSP2 receiver keeps getting better with new firmware upgrades. The latest version, M2_FW2_10D, brought 26 key changes. For instance, a Pseudo Stereo function that makes it sound like you’re listening in stereo. It works for music, podcasts, or radio, making everything sound fuller.

Switchable Audio Output

Now, you can switch how you hear sound with the new update. Choose between mono and stereo sound. This lets you pick the best sound for what you’re listening to.

Improved Handling of Strong Signals

Strong signals can distort sound quality, however, the M2_FW2_10D firmware was designed to prevent this distortion. Now, even with strong signals, the audio stays clear and true.

With the M2_FW2_10D update, Malachite DSP2 users gained a top-notch listening experience. Thanks to new features like Pseudo Stereo, switchable audio, and better signal handling. Furthermore, Malachite’s dedication to improving their receiver is clear.

-10kHz – 380MHz, 404MHz – 2GHz Frequency range
– 192kHz, 96kHz, 48kHz Panoramic width
– Modulation type: AM, SSB, DSB, CW, NFM, WFM
– 0.3uV up to 1GHz Sensitivity
– 82dB Bandwidth
– 50 ohm with SMA male antenna connector
– Biased three-way active antenna
– Built-in preamplifier
– 5000mAh lithium-ion battery
– 3.5-inch LCD Touch Screen

Software Features:
– Adjustable filter width
– Adaptive Noise Reduction (NR)
– Threshold noise reduction
– Noise Canceller (NB)
– Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
– Automatic Notch Filter (ANF)
– Stereo FM supports RDS analog stereo
– Equalizer

Package Included:
– Host x 1
– Antenna x 1
– Type-C Data Cable x 1
– EVA Storage Bag x 1
– Lanyard x 1
– 3M Transparent Pad x 1
– User Manual x 1


The Malachite DSP2 is a top-notch receiver that offers great performance with cool features. Furthermore, the V2.4 upgrade makes listening even better. Adjusting it may take a bit of work. But, the Malachite team keeps making it better. They fix issues quickly and boost its abilities regularly.

The DSP2 stands out with cool specs and a larger waterfall bandwidth with a front-facing speaker. It also has strong metal knobs and two spots for antennas. It’s made well inside and uses a flat battery. This means it works better for longer.

In conclusion, the Malachite DSP2 is awesome for those who love great sound. It keeps getting better and has the latest features. This makes it one of the best out there.

By Vince