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The Telepost LP-100A Digital Vector Wattmeter is a precision instrument designed for amateur radio enthusiasts, technicians, and RF professionals. Combining advanced technology with user-friendly features, the LP-100A offers comprehensive monitoring and analysis capabilities.

The Telepost LP-100A boasts an impressive array of features that cater to the needs of amateur radio enthusiasts and professionals alike. One of its standout features is its large, high-resolution graphical display, which provides users with real-time graphical representation of SWR (Standing Wave Ratio), forward and reflected power, as well as complex impedance. This visual feedback empowers users to fine-tune their antenna systems with precision.

Moreover, the LP-100A offers multi-functionality, serving not only as an SWR/power meter but also as an accurate frequency counter, providing users with comprehensive insight into their radio setups. Additionally, the LP-100A supports multiple power ranges, covering a wide spectrum from milliwatts to kilowatts, making it suitable for various radio setups.

Design and Build Quality:

The LP-100A boasts a sleek and modern design, with a durable metal enclosure that ensures longevity and reliability. The large, high-resolution color display provides clear visibility and intuitive navigation. While the robust construction ensures stability and durability in various operating environments. The meter’s compact size makes it suitable for both desktop and portable use, while its ergonomic layout allows for easy access to controls and connectors.


  • Precision Measurement: The LP-100A utilizes advanced digital signal processing (DSP) technology to provide accurate power and SWR measurements across a wide frequency range. Its high-resolution display and real-time data processing ensure precise readings and comprehensive analysis of transmitter performance.
  • Vector Measurement: Unlike traditional watt meters, the LP-100A offers vector measurements, allowing users to analyze both magnitude and phase of the RF signal. This capability provides valuable insights into antenna performance, impedance matching, and signal quality, making it an essential tool for antenna tuning and optimization.
  • Multi-Function Display: The meter features a multifunction display that provides real-time data on power output, SWR, forward and reflected power, and other relevant parameters. Users can customize the display to show specific data fields and units, enhancing usability and readability.
  • Data Logging and Analysis: The LP-100A includes built-in data logging and analysis capabilities, allowing users to record and analyze measurement data over time. This feature enables comprehensive performance tracking, troubleshooting, and optimization of radio systems and antennas.

Remote Monitoring: With its built-in USB interface and software support, the LP-100A enables remote monitoring and control from a computer or mobile device. This functionality allows users to monitor transmitter performance and make adjustments remotely, enhancing convenience and flexibility in operation.

The Telepost LP-100A Performance:

The LP-100A delivers exceptional performance, with high accuracy and precision in power and SWR measurements. Its vector measurement capability provides valuable insights into antenna performance and signal quality, allowing users to optimize transmitter output and antenna systems for maximum efficiency and reliability.

High accuracy is where the Telepost LP-100A truly shines. The LP-100A delivers precise and reliable readings, allowing users to make informed adjustments to their antenna systems. The device’s calibration capabilities ensure that measurements are accurate across different frequency ranges and power levels.

Furthermore, the LP-100A employs advanced algorithms to calculate complex impedance, providing users with a deeper understanding of their antenna systems’ performance beyond basic SWR readings. This level of accuracy is invaluable for optimizing antenna setups for maximum efficiency and signal transmission.

In real-world testing, the LP-100A has consistently demonstrated exceptional accuracy compared to other SWR/power meters on the market. Users have reported minimal discrepancies between the LP-100A’s readings and those obtained from laboratory-grade equipment, further validating its accuracy and reliability.

The Telepost LP-100A is a digital wattmeter and power analyzer primarily used in amateur radio applications. Its couplers and cables are essential components that enable accurate measurement of RF (radio frequency) power. Here’s an explanation of each component.

Couplers and Cables:

Couplers are devices used to sample a portion of the RF power traveling through a transmission line without significantly affecting the main signal. The Telepost LP-100A, couplers are interchangeable modules that allow the wattmeter to measure power at different power levels and frequencies. These couplers typically come in different power ranges and frequency bands to suit various applications. The LP-100A supports multiple coupler options to cover a wide range of power levels and frequencies.

Cables are used to connect the coupler to the main unit (LP-100A). These cables are typically coaxial cables designed to minimize signal loss and interference. The quality of the cables is crucial for accurate power measurement since any impedance mismatch or signal loss can affect the measurement accuracy. Telepost likely provides cables specifically designed to work with their couplers and the LP-100A unit to ensure optimal performance.

Up to 2 couplers can be used and the meter will automatically switch between them using the transmitted signal. While the specific models available may vary over time due to updates or revisions by Telepost. Some of the available coupler models for the Telepost LP-100A may include:

The standard coupler is LPC1, a 1.8 to 54 Mhz at @3kw pep/cw

Optional Couplers are:

  • LPC2, a 1.8 to 30 MHz at 5KW CCS*
  • LPC4, a 1.8 to 54 MHz at 5KW PEP/CW**(3kw pep on 6 meters)
  • LPC5, a 1.8 to 30 MHz at 10KW PEP/CW**

  * The CCS is continuous duty.
** The PEP/CW refers to 50% duty cycle, most modes

These are just examples, and there may be additional or updated models available. Users should refer to the latest documentation or contact Telepost directly for the most up-to-date information.


The Telepost LP-100A Digital Vector Wattmeter offers excellent value for its advanced features, precision measurement capabilities, and a user-friendly design. It serves as an indispensable tool for amateur radio operators, professionals, and anyone requiring accurate power and SWR measurements.

My Telepost LP-100A Review

The incredible accuracy that protects my expensive gear daily and was well worth its higher cost. I use it with my MFJ dummy load for tuning without failure. The display is clear and fast, and I like my callsign scrolling across the meter. The cables are long enough at 6 feet and the choice of couplers covers my range of use.

The menu intuitive and easy to navigate, I really like the all parameters readings when tuning an antenna to resonance. It just works well!

Alternative Meter

If the Telepost is more meter then you need, I suggest the Neissi DG 503. This meter provides accurate measurements to ensure 

swr/power meter

your antenna system is properly tuned and your transmitter is functioning optimally. Its user-friendly with clear instructions and intuitive controls, furthermore, thee are features like: multiple power ranges, peak reading capability, or built-in protection circuits.

The large LCD display is easy to read, while displaying SWR, and both forward and reflected power. 

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