5 steps to program a repeater frequency

There are 5 steps to program a repeater frequency in a radio.  This is the same for HT’s, mobile’s, and fixed station radios. Follow these steps and complete each one to get on the air quickly.

5 steps to program a repeater frequency

Step 1

Set the radio to VFO(not memory) and tune to the desired frequency. The image below is showing memory 28 so you have to push the V/M button to move from memory to VFO.

5 steps to program a repeater frequency

Step 2

Set the direction of the offset, the direction will be either plus or minus the offset frequency from the set frequency. This is called the repeater shift frequency. Some radios have to have the tone or tone squelch set first, others will set the direction automatically depending on the frequency.

repeater shift freq

Repeater Shift Frequency

A repeater can not receive and transmit on the same frequency at the same time so there has to be a repeater shift frequency. This is usually 600 Hz for 2 meters,  and 5,000 Hz for 70 CM.

Squlch type

Step 3

Setting the squelch type will be tone or tone squelch on Yaesu radios.  Tone means your radio sends a frequency in Hz to open the repeaters receiver so it can receive and then transmit without an outgoing tone. Tone Squelch means a frequency in Hz is sent to open the repeater’s receiver. The repeater will transmit with a t.ne to open your radios receiver.

5 steps to program a repeater frequency

Step 4

Setting the tone and tone squelch frequency(PL Tone) is important because it tells the repeater, and your radio when to receive. These frequencies run from around 67 to 254.1 is small increments to be sure you can avoid near by repeater interference.

Step 5

Save it ll to a memory channel, this is going to be different depending on the radio you own. Pick the memory number you want to save it to. Then pick a name or use the frequency number when naming the frequency. Then save it according to your radio’s instructions. Switch to memory from VFO and try the frequency.

5 Steps to Program a Repeater Frequency

Now that you know the 5 steps to program a repeater frequency you are on your way to filling your radio with frequencies. I used my Yaesu FT5DR C4FM Handheld as an example because I feel it has the best display. It is also one of the easiest to program. You also have the option to buy the programming software and doing it on the computer.

By Vince