Ameritron AL-811

The Ameritron Al-811 amplifier gives you 600 watts of PEP power to reach those DX stations. The 811A is easy to tune with the two large tuning knobs, and a ball bearing Vernier reduction drive for plate tuning. Two large and illuminated meters lets you keep track of the necessary operating conditions.

The Grid Current meter lets you continuously check for improper loading. The other meter switches between high voltage and plate current to warn of abnormal conditions. Built with a heavy duty power supply that only uses 120 volts at 8 amps. Ameritron’s exclusive “Adapt-A-Volt” power transformer lets you compensate for high line voltages, and performance robbing low line voltages.

                 The First 600 Watts Makes The Difference

The first 600 watts makes the difference, going from 600 up to 1500 watts is roughly 4 Db, or just over ½ an S-unit. The most band for the buck is in the first 600 watts. All mode coverage, with 600 watts PEP SSB, 500 on CW, and 400 watts on AM, FM, RTTY, and SSTV. Even the WARC and most MARS bands  produce a 100% output.

All of the HF band are usable when the 10 meter modification is completed. A quiet fan pressurizes the cabinet with a high air flow to keep the amp cool and running. Constructed with low loss slug tuned coils on the rear panel that lets you optimize performance. High quality, low drift silver mica capacitors to maintain proper tuning. The A tuner in put Pi-Network provides a 50 ohm load to keep the fussiest radios happy.

Use the optional external QSK-5 PIN diode switch for lightning fast QSK operating.  An Operate/Standby switch lets you use the amp or run barefoot at the flip of a switch. There is a transmit LED and 12 VDC keying relay for compatibility with solid state rigs. A back-pulse canceling diode protects your radios keying circuit. 

The Ameritron AL-811 amplifier is excellent for newcomer, because its tough enough to withstand momentary mistuning. 

The 811A Tube

The highly available and low cost 811A tube is tough and resists premature failure. They constructed with widely spaced elements and directly heated thoriated tungsten filament cathode to prevent the electron emitting layer from stripping off.

Ameritron offers a one year limited warranty, and it is made in USA.

Ameritron Al-811 Amplifier Review

I worked 141 countries in two months with it on an end fed wire antenna. It was easy to learn to tune, and my mistakes caused no damage. I set up colored arrows on the two tuning knobs as starting points for my most used bands, and it made tuning much faster.

The meters are bright and easy to read. I was surprised with how quite the fan was, and never had an over heating issue. The AL-811 is a little heavy, but most amps are. The standby switch it much needed, especially if you use a manual tuner.

I moved up to an LA-1K, but still have this as a back up. It made an excellent starter amp for me, and at the price point it is a fantastic entry lever amplifier.

By Vince