elecraft k-pod

The Elecraft K-Pod is the perfect companion to your Elecraft K4, K3, or K3S Transceiver. It’s versatility let’s you control the radio from a simple button push, putting you in complete control. The K-Pod has an easy spinning VFO knob that will extended your operation by not tiring you out.

The 400 count optical ball-bearing encoder provides fine tuning frequency control, and friction can be added to satisfy any individuals operating style. A rocker switch lets you quickly switch between VFO A, VFO B, and the RIT/XIT offset. The K-Pod can be powered in one of three ways, a rear 12 volt accessory jack, the K-pod’s USB port, or any 8-15 V, 50mA DC external power supply.

There is a power on LED, as well as three user definable LEDS for any feature you want to know is engaged. With eight programmable buttons that have a short, and long press. You get up to 16 options to control the existing radio functions. When the press of a K-Pod button, you can activate one, or a series of commands.   

These commands include, filters, memories, splits, speakers, or a series of feature that reach a desired result. The step by step manual instruction manual will cover programming. A USB port for firmware updates and station controls. Also included are 3 general purpose ports. 

Elecraft K-Pod

I send CW right handed so I set the K-pod up on the left side of the keyboard. It is small and thakes up little room, but has an impressive look. This lets me make quick frequency changes the second I finish sending for contests. I used most of the buttons, but have a few open for future features.

The USB cable that came with it was not long enough for my set up, but it was a standard USB to UART. The buttong have an audible tone when pressed, which confirms the action. A rocker switch lets you quickly switch between A and B receivers, this is nice when working split.

The weighted knob matches the radio’s, and it smooth when tuning. A fold down stand is makes it more comfortable while using. The  Elecraft K-pod is a nice accessory to the K4 and is highly useful while operating. It has completed my station, and increased my contest speeds.


By Vince