Yaesu SMB-201 Cooling Fan
The Yaesu SMB-201 Cooling Fan was designed for the heating issues with the FTM 400 during long conversations or digital use. It is specifically designed to fit the radio where the cooling is needed, and it also acts as a desk stand to elevate the radio for better viewing.

The Yaesu SMB-201 Mobile Transceiver Cooling Fans provide a secure mounting bracket and heat dissipation for the mobile radios. Supplied with a 10.5 volt AC adapter, model SAD-11B. The SMB-201 is compatible with several models of Yaesu transceivers.

Compatible Radios

  • FTM-400DR
  • FTM400XDR
  • FTM-100DR
  • FT-8900R
  • FT-8800R
  • FT-7900R

 When using one of these radios in the ham shack, this cooling fan is a must-have. It extends the life of the radio by keeping it from rover heating. This unit uses of mounting hardware supplied with the radio.


  • 5.750 in.Width
  • 3.875 in. Depth
  • 3.500 in. Height
  • 2 lbs.

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 My Yaesu SMB-201 Cooling Fan Experience

I decided to run an FTM 400 in the shack because the mars mod for the FT 991A is not available. There is one frequency outside of the ham bands I need for my volunteer work. My radio was getting warm on the shelf, I tried to raise it but that made little difference.

I cane across the SMB-201 while looking for a cooling solution, and it was designed exactly for what I needed it to do. When it arrived I connected it with the radios hardware. Then I threw a couple of ferrite beads on the power adapter. I normally like to power my peripherals with the power supply to avoid noisy wall warts, but the 10.5 volt requirement made that impossible. Thinking of changing to a 13.8 volt fan.

I hit the power switch and the fan came to life, it was very quite. A nice feature I would have liked a way for the fan to turn on and off with the radio, to cool the one I have under my rear truck seat. I recommend it for anyone with an over heating radio in the shack.

By Vince