Nagoya NMO-72 Dual Band Antenna


  • 1x Nagoya UT-72 Antenna

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Genuine Nagoya RB-50 HD Magnet Mount

The Nagoya Antenna magnet provides premium quality with a heavy 2.5 lb  mount with very good holding power. The  5.15″ diameter base are recommended for antennas up to 50 in. tall.

A Solid Brass Chromed NMO threaded mount with Gold contact pin and PTFE insulator. A long 18′ of RG-58 cable and 95% Tinned copper braid. A solid insulation and stranded tinned copper center conductor with a UHF Male connector for outstanding performance.


  • Compatible with Any NMO antennas
  • 18′ RG 58
  • 95% tinned copper braid
  • Solid insulator
  • Stranded center conductor
  • UHF connector 

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I use these two together when traveling in other people's cars, or when I rent one. It works great with my 878UV plus, and the range is far better then the HT antenna inside the car.

By Vince