Big Shot Line Launcher

The Big shot line launcher is an arborist’s slingshot that makes an accurate and lightweight antenna launching system. You can reach a particular branch, or clear 150′ trees with ease. To prevent over shooting, a wide range of projectiles can be used with varying weights.


The Big Shot line launcher consists of two 4 ft. hollow fiberglass poles for a total of 8′ ft. This allows a long stretch to clear the tallest trees while maintaining accuracy. A Big Shot head with long stretch rubber launcher and projectile holder ensures accuracy.

A launching trigger is included and improves accuracy while reduceing arm fatigue. The trigger mounts to the pole and has an integrated safety latch to prevent accidental discharge.

This launcher has changed the way we install antennas by giving us a simple, and accurate tool for the job. 

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My Big Shot Line Launcher Experience

I have used this Line launcher to install many antennas and each time I become more confident in it’s ability. I chose to use a 12 oz. brite neon green projectile weight for a little extra height. The neon green makes it easy to find in the woods. I have never failed to get the rope high enough or the branch I wanted.

The projectile holder secures the weight well, and the 8′ pole is just right for the long pull down. The fiberglass poles have minimum bending during use while feeling stable enough to complete any job. The rubber launching band has held up well, and still looks new after 2 years.

The trigger adds control by allowing you to aim better while not holding the stretched launcher down. The trigger safety is a nice feature, but I feel I have not needed it because I pull down, lock it into the trigger, aim, and fire without moving the pole around much.

I use masonary string line which is #18 braided nylon twine in neon green because it is light and comes in 1000′ rolls. I find it to be tangle resistent, and wraps up nicely. This is my go to antenna launcher set up for most occasions, I was able to install my Loop antenna higher then I imagined.

By Vince