G1200 Digital Microscope

The G1200 Digital Microscope is continuous zoom with a wide range of viewing options. The range is from 1x to 1200x magnification to fulfill your needs.

The longer range is because it offers more room to operate. This range  makes it convenient to use tweezers, electric soldering iron, and other tools. The special Aluminum Alloy Angle Support stand allows for vertical adjustments with the knob and gears. 

It has a 7-inch HD LCD Screen with a larger resolution. The Angler support stand can be rotated to fit the needs of the user. The angle can be used for more viewing or the prevent glare.

The G1200 comes with a Micro SD card slot for image storage/video and transfers. It has multiple image options and takes video. A built-in ultra-lithium battery that can work continuously for 4-5 hours. (when not on video recording)


  • HD 12 megapixel
  • 1-1200 × continuous amplification system.
  • 10MM to infinity object distance
  • Built-in ultra-lithium battery
  • Sixteen language capable
  • 7 Inch screen size
  • 1024 X 600 Screen resolution
  • 30 sec · 1 min · 2 min Screen saver settings
  • Off. 3 minutes. 5 minutes. 10 minutes automatic off
  • 50 Hz · 60 Hz light source
  • 16 Languages settings
  • Date settings
  • Video mode
  • 1080FHD, 720P, VGA Resolution
  • HDR high dynamic range
  • 7 grades Exposure compensation 
Photo Mode 
  • Single. 2 seconds. 5 seconds. 10 seconds Photograph delay
  • 1.3 M · 2 M · 5 M · 8 M · 10 M and 12 M Photo pixels
  • 3 consecutive shots
  • Quality · Standard · Compression Photo quality
  • Strong · Standard · Soft Sharpness
  • Nothingness · Black and White · Nostalgia Color
  • Automatic · 100 · 200 · 400 ISO
  • 7 grade options
  • Exposure compensation
  • Anti-hand shock on/off Photo assist
  • On/Off Date label
  • 8 LED lamps
  • 100,000 hours LED life

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My G1200 Digital Microscope Experience

This is nice for soldering and other small projects. As a Ham, I have used it several times for removing surface mount components and soldering other small items. I have even used it for the wife’s eyeglass repairs.

The images are very clear for the price range of this unit. It has very nice adjustment height for getting closer, or different sized products. I would have liked the text in the menu to be larger, or easier to read. It makes a good match with my heated tweezers.

The 7″ screen is a step up from the 4″, where I kept losing my place and spending time searching when I could be working. I would have like the base to be larger, because it tips to the sides. The controls are laid out well enough, the large focus knob is handy. The dimmer wheel feels a little cheap, but it does the job well enough.

If the job requires magnification to solder, or read a part number, this will do the job nicely. I have used it maybe 10 times and it done the job I needed it for. I would buy another one if this ever breaks.

By Vince