Weller Soldering Station Review

In this Weller soldering station review we will be talking about the WE1010NA. This is a digital soldering station that includes a power unit, soldering iron  andholder. It is ESD safe and has a certificate for electrical safety (UL and CE). The Weller WE1010NA is a high performance 70W soldering iron equiped with a heat resistant silicon cable.

This Soldering Station has features like intuitive navigation, stand by, and auto setback that conserves power. There is password protection to prevent settings from being lost. The temperature stability is 4⁰f, 2⁰c plus or minus. The temperature lock prevents tip and component damage.  This allows for consistently high quality soldering with repeatable results.

This Weller digital station has 40% more power than the two predecessors it replaces, and is recommended for most soldering projects.


  • 1 120 volt  Wet station 
  • 1 Wep 70 tip retainer
  • 1 Wep 70 iron
  • 1 PH 70 safety rest with sponge
  • 1 Eta tip 0.062 inch
  • 1 1.6 millimeter screwdriver

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My Weller Soldering Station Review

I bought this station to replace a pen type iron that was on its last leg. I was looking for temperature control and ESD safe, but wanted enough power for larger projects. This delivered a full 70 watts, with an ergonomic handle for less hand fatigue, and in addition, enabled more precision control.

Weller Soldering Station Review

The temperature has two ranges inFahrenheit and Celsius, while ranging from 200 to 850 °F, or 100 to 450 °C. A large number LCDdisplay is easy to read, while being responsive to quick temperature changes. I found it simple to use with up and down buttons for temperature adjustments.

It heated up at an impressively fast speed and has a basic manu, in addition to, changable tips for different jobs. I would have liked a backlit screen or LED showing it is on, but it is just a pet peave of mine. The computer style plug in power cord is nice, because it allows for changes in case of damage.

This makes a great companion to my heated tweezers and lets me handle all the work that I get. It performed well, and was comfortable enough to use everyday. I would buy another one.


By Vince