electro-voice re320

The Electro-Voice RE320 Dynamic Microphone is a professional grade dynamic broadcasting, podcasting, recording, and sound other applications. The extremely low noise and the best possible tonal and transient response. This is a wid popular microphone.

It is ideal for recording a wide variety of vocal and instrument sources. The Variable D built into the RE320 is a    proximity control that minimizes positional and off-axis tonal shifts. A unique dual switch switch lets you select from one of two response curves to get the sound you are seeking.

The integrated humbucking coil, and internal pop filters provide a virtually noiseless performance. The RE320 delivers unparalleled dynamic response, and a pleasing natural tone that many find smooth and soothing.

<script>The RE320 has been used for many instruments because of its general purpose curve for voice and instrument production. The kick drum curve is for bass drums and some vocals.


  • Cardioid pattern
  • Dynamic N/Dynamic Magnet Structure
  • 150 ohm Impedance
  • -130 dBm Hum pickup level
  • Semi-Gloss Black finish
  • 1lb, 8oz Microphone weight
  • 8.53" x 2.14" x 1.94"

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Electro-voice 309A Shock Mount

The Electro-Voice 309A shock mount is a reliable accessory designed to provide isolation and protection for microphones during recording sessions or live performances. Compatible with a wide range of microphones, this shock mount effectively reduces vibrations and handling noise, ensuring clear and pristine audio capture.

Featuring a durable and lightweight construction, the 309A shock mount securely holds the microphone in place while absorbing any shocks or bumps from external sources. Its flexible suspension system allows for easy adjustment and positioning, making it suitable for various recording environments and setups.

The 309A shock mount's versatile design ensures compatibility with most standard microphone stands, offering convenience and ease of use for both studio and live applications. Its sleek and compact profile minimizes visual clutter while maximizing functionality, making it an essential accessory for any professional audio setup.

Overall, the Electro-Voice 309A shock mount provides reliable performance and effective isolation, enhancing the audio quality and longevity of microphones. Whether you're recording vocals, instruments, or podcasts, this shock mount offers peace of mind and ensures optimal sound capture in any recording or performance scenario.

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Electro-voice RE320 Dynamic Microphone

It is hard to improve on perfection, but the RE320 makes me sound better. A smooth studio sound that needs very little, if any Equalization at all. The cardioid pattern is one of the best I have experienced. The Variable D keeps my voice even eliminating tonal spikes, while keeping the highs and lows crystal clear. I get fantastic audio reports with the RE20 and my Elecraft K4.

The microphone is solidly built, and the black finish is very nice. It matches perfectly with the 309A shock mount. I have two other mics, the Heil PR40, and PR781 and the RE320 Gets the most use.

By Vince