heil pr 781

​When it comes to crystal-clear sound quality in your recordings, performances, or amateur radio, the microphone plays a crucial role. And if you’re searching for a microphone that offers exceptional audio clarity and performance, then look no further than the Heil PR-781.

Renowned for their expertise in creating top-of-the-line audio equipment, Heil Sound has once again outdone themselves with this remarkable microphone. In this review, we’ll take an in-depth look at the Heil PR-781 microphone, highlighting its features, sound quality, and why it has become a favorite among professionals in the industry.

So, if you’re ready to elevate your sound to the next level, keep reading to discover what the Heil PR-781 has to offer.

The Heil PR-781 Features

One standout feature of the Heil PR-781 is its XLR connection, which ensures a reliable and secure connection to a variety of sound equipment. With its balanced output, users can expect minimal interference and superior audio quality. Whether you’re working in a professional studio environment or setting up a home recording space, the XLR connection on the PR-781 provides the versatility and dependability needed for exceptional audio production.

The Heil PR-781 is also praised for its durability and rugged construction. Made with high-grade components and designed to withstand heavy use, this microphone is built to last. Its robust build quality ensures that it can handle the demands of studio recording, as well as on-location broadcasts. This reliability, combined with its exceptional sound quality, makes the PR-781 a top choice for audio professionals seeking a dependable microphone for their studio or broadcasting needs.

In conclusion, the Heil PR-781 microphone is a versatile and reliable option for studio and broadcast applications. Its XLR connection provides a secure and interference-free connection, ensuring high-quality audio production. Whether you’re recording vocals, musical instruments, or hosting a podcast, the PR-781 delivers exceptional sound reproduction and off-axis rejection. With its durability and rugged construction, this microphone is built to withstand heavy use and is a trusted choice among audio professionals.


​When it comes to purchasing a new product, one of the first things we look for are the specifications. Whether it’s a smartphone, a laptop, or even a microphone, specifications give us a detailed insight into what the product is capable of. They help us understand its performance, features, and compatibility with our needs.

One specific product that has gained popularity in the realm of audio recording is the PR 781 microphone. This exceptional sound quality and versatility makes it a fantastic choice. But what are the specifications that make it stand out?

First and foremost, the PR 781 microphone has a frequency response ranging from 50Hz to 20kHz. This wide frequency range ensures that it can capture a broad spectrum of sounds, from deep bass tones to crisp high frequencies. Additionally, with its low distortion and high-output levels, it guarantees a clear and accurate audio reproduction.

Moreover, the microphone has an impedance of 600 ohms, which makes it compatible with a wide range of audio equipment. Whether you are using it with a professional soundboard or a regular computer microphone input, the PR 781 delivers exceptional performance. It also features a cardioid polar pattern, providing excellent off-axis rejection and reducing unwanted background noise.

In conclusion, specifications play a crucial role in helping us make informed purchasing decisions. The PR 781 microphone, with its impressive frequency response, low distortion, and versatile compatibility, is a top choice for audio professionals and enthusiasts alike. So, next time you are in the market for a high-quality microphone, be sure to check out the specifications of the PR 781 and experience the difference it can make in your audio recordings.

Technical Specifications

  • Heil PR Dynamic element
  • 3 pin XLR
  • 50 Hz to 16,000 Frequency Response
  • Balanced 600 Ohms Out
  • Cardioid Pattern
  • -55 dB Output Level
  • Low-mass aluminum diaphragm
  • Black Satin Epoxy finish
  • 14 oz. weight

How does it sound?

​When it comes to recording and broadcasting, sound quality plays a vital role in delivering a captivating experience for listeners. One microphone that has gained a reputation for its exceptional audio performance is the Heil PR 781 microphone. With superior sound reproduction capabilities, this microphone is an industry leader.

The Heil PR 781 microphone is designed to capture every nuance and detail with precision. Its frequency response is carefully tailored to ensure a smooth and natural sound reproduction, making it ideal for various applications such as voiceovers, podcasts, and radio broadcasts. This microphone excels in capturing the full range of frequencies, from the low rumble of a deep voice to the crisp clarity of high frequencies.

What sets the Heil PR 781 microphone apart from others on the market is its ability to eliminate background noise and unwanted sounds. It features a tight cardioid polar pattern that focuses on the desired sound source, effectively rejecting any noise coming from the sides or rear. This ensures that the recorded audio is free from distractions, allowing the listener to fully immerse themselves in the content.


In addition to its exceptional sound quality, the Heil PR 781 microphone is also praised for its durability and reliability. Its rugged construction and quality components make it a microphone that can withstand the test of time and the demands of regular use. Whether you’re a professional or in a home studio, this microphone is designed to deliver consistent and outstanding sound performance.

Overall, the Heil PR 781 microphone offers a remarkable audio experience. Its ability to capture the natural essence of voices and eliminate unwanted noise sets it apart from others in its class. This microphone is a worthy investment that will elevate your recordings to new heights.

What are the drawbacks of the Heil Pr-781 microphone?

​The Heil PR-781 microphone is a well-known and highly regarded option for audio recording and broadcasting. With its dynamic element and tailored frequency response, it promises excellent sound quality and clarity. However, no product is perfect, and the Heil PR-781 does have a few drawbacks that users should consider.

Firstly, some users have reported that the Heil PR-781 microphone can be quite heavy and bulky. This can make it less portable and more challenging to handle during long recording sessions. Additionally, the microphone requires a significant amount of gain to reach optimal volume levels.

Another drawback of the Heil PR-781 microphone is its relatively high price point. Compared to other microphones in its class, the PR-781 may be considered on the expensive side. This could deter budget-conscious individuals or those looking for a more affordable option.

Lastly, the Heil PR-781 microphone may not be the best choice for certain vocal styles or applications. The frequency response curve is tailored to provide a smooth and natural sound. Which may not be ideal for those seeking a more colored or specific tonal character for their recordings.

Despite these drawbacks, the Heil PR-781 microphone remains a popular choice for many audio professionals and enthusiasts. It is essential to consider these limitations alongside its numerous benefits to determine if it suits your specific needs and preferences.

Would I recommend this Microphone to others?

​After spending several months using the Heil PR 781 microphone, I am ready to decide whether or not I would recommend it to others. The Heil PR 781 is a dynamic microphone and marketed as a versatile option for both broadcasting and amateur radio.

First and foremost, the sound quality of the Heil PR 781 is impressive. It delivers crisp and clear audio, capturing every nuance of the user’s voice. Whether you’re using it for podcasting, voiceovers, or live performances, this microphone will not disappoint in terms of sound reproduction.

Another notable feature of the Heil PR 781 is its build quality. The microphone feels sturdy and well-made, with a rugged design that can withstand regular use. This is particularly important for those who travel frequently or perform in different environments. Plus, the microphone comes with a useful shock mount that helps reduce any vibrations or unwanted noise.

Overall, I would definitely recommend the Heil PR 781 microphone to others. Its impressive sound quality and durable build make it a great choice for a variety of applications. Whether you’re a professional broadcaster or an aspiring podcaster, this microphone will elevate the audio quality of your recordings.

By Vince