ICOM IC-705 Transceiver

The ICOM IC-705 Transceiver multimode transceiver is a new hybrid radio in a portable and compact design. It features a real time spectrum scope with waterfall. The IC-705 inherits the high performance and functionality of the IC-7300 and IC-9700 scopes. You can adjust it for all band conditions and check for clear frequencies. It takes portable operation to the next level of performance.

The large 4.3 inch touch screen display is the same one in the IC-7300/ IC-9700. The visibility and operability is increased out in the field. It covers HF, 6, 2 meter, and 70 CM in a portable and lightweight design. It uses a rechargeable battery pack that is shared with the ID-52, or runs on 13.8 volts.

<script>Compact and Lightweight

The compact size of just 7.9 in  × 3.1in × 3.3 in delivers big base station performance. The unit weight is approximately 2.1 lbs. excluding battery pack and whip antenna. Its compact and lightweight design will never weigh on you when going portable.

The BP-272 Li-ion battery pack comes with the IC-705. This is the same battery pack used in the ID-51 and ID-31 handheld transceivers. While being a portable radio, it delivers a 10 Watt maximum with a 13.8 V DC external power supply. The standard BP-272 Li-ion battery pack has a 5 Watt maximum.

Icom IC-705 Features

Built in features include Bluetooth, wireless LAN, and GPS antenna. The D-STAR DV mode allows you send and receive location data while communicating. The high-performance GPS enables various features including GPS log function and repeater search function.

The IC-705 is equipped with a microSD card slot that can be used for firmware upgrades, programming, as well as voice recordings and saving GPS  data. The ICOM-705 is fully equipped with functions to USE D-STAR, like the DR function and Terminal Mode/Access Point Mode. You can send, receive, and view saved photos using only the IC-705 with no additional  software.

The IC-705 uses the RF direct sampling method matured in the IC-7300, IC-7610, and IC-9700. This method greatly reduces distortion. The high speed in a compact design for the first time in this class.


  • HF/50/144/430 MHz
  • All Mode
  • D-Star DV
  • RF direct sampling system
  • Real-time spectrum scope
  • Waterfall display
  • Large touch screen color display
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • BP-272 battery pack or 13.8 V DC external power supply
  • Bluetooth® and wireless LAN capabilities
  • Full D-STAR functions
  • Optional backpack, LC-192
  • 10 W (13.8 V DC), 5 W battery
  • Supports QRP Operations
  • 1 Micro SD card supplied
  • Whip antenna for VHF/UHF
  • Speaker microphone included

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ICOM IC-705 Transceiver Review

After my first portable use I determined it to be a solid performer. The wireless FT8 connectivity is nice, and worked well when I tried it. I don't do much FT8 anymore since learning CW. The mini USB connector feels flimsy, and may be but after about a dozen uses it is still going strong. The fact that it shares a battery with the ID-52 is convenient, I sold that handheld but still have a couple spare batteries, a quick battery change keeps me on the air.

I live a few mile from a fighter wing, and often have it hooked up to listen in on the air bands. Being a portable QRP radio it should have a tuner, I end up bring the tools and gear to adjust the SWR in the field. I get almost 4 hours with the additional larger capacity 3350mAh battery, making two batteries all I need for an outing. A drop in charger is smaller enough to pack , or use at home.

Other IC-705 users I have talked with say the microphone has been a point of contention for them, it has not bothered me much since I do mostly CW when QRP. The VHF/UHF added to this radio make it my go to radio when leaving the blacktop, I have wire antennas for all the bands in the backpack. I am pretty sure I can reach help id needed.

It is a great little radio if you like working QRP.

By Vince