ICOM ID-52 Handheld VHF/UHF

The ICOM ID-52 Handheld VHF/UHF is a D-Star transceiver with a larger frame and display. The Icom ID-52A/E follows the discontinued ID-51 is design excellence. Two versions will be available globally, the ID-52A for the USA and the ID-52E for Europe. They have a similar layout and slightly larger size to accommodate the larger display.

The most obvious difference at first glance is the large 2.3″ color display that uses the new transflective technology. This makes it easy to see outdoors, even in brightest sunlight. The addition of Bluetooth enables connection to audio headsets, automobile audio systems, image transfers, and remote control. The use of the micro USB charging is also finally here.

An enhanced UHF capability allows for monitoring of Military Airbands from 225 to 374.995 MHz, and the wideband receiver can listen to nearby FM radio stations. The D-PRS mode sends location data, as well as showing received station locations, distance, and direction. This GPS positioning data is used for the Position Auto Reply, Near Repeater Search, and other GPS functions.

New Improvements

  • Wider Air band coverage
  • Loud 750 mW of audio power
  • Improved D-STAR functionality
  • Internal GPS receiver
  • Simultaneous dual V/V, U/U, V/U or DV/DV reception 
  • SD card slot
  • DR function
  • Terminal/Access Point modes.
  • Micro USB charging
  • Larger 2.3″ color display
  • America / Europe models= A/E 
  • D Star digital mode
  • Bluetooth

Icom ID-52 Features

  • Simultaneous dual reception on V/V, U/U, V/U, DV/DV
  • Air band reception 225 to 374.995 MHz.
  • Charging ICOM ID-52 Handheld VHF/UHF via a micro USB connector
  • 750 mW. loud audio output
  • The latest D-STAR functions lets you send, receive, and view saved photos on micro SD
  • Enriched D-STAR features including the terminal mode/access point mode
  • UHF 225 – 374.995 mHz air band reception
  • ID-51A/E accessories will fit the ID-52

ICOM ID-52 Handheld Review

The ICOM ID-52 Handheld design allows you to use the accessories from the ID-51. A powerful 750 mW RX audio output means it will be heard in the loudest of areas. The 2.3″ color display and larger frame gives it a solid, heavy duty feel.

The repeater list and GPS function together nicely, and make programming easier. The louder audio and larger display addresses two areas that usually fall short in hand held radios. I put a screen protestor on this radio, and it convinced me to put them on all my radios.

The transmit power seems a little more robust the the ID-51, I have not tried D-Star so no information on that. If my FT5DR had the sound quality of this radio, it would be my all time favorite. That is a weak spot on the FT5DR, and this radio has beaten it hands down. If you do not want C4FM or DMR, this is the radio I recommend trying.

By Vince