Palstar at2k

The Palstar AT2K is a 2000 watt manual antenna tuner, it tunes HF and 6 meters. Featuring a newly designed, smaller roller inductor, which allows the AT2K to tune 6 Meters. A 6 position antenna selector switch lets you switch between the 5 UHF(so239) connectors. A ground screw with wingnut is provided for grounding.

palstar at2k

Improved high band performance with newly designed capacitors. This lowered the minimum capacitance, and raised the maximum capacitance to 400pF for improved low band performance. The illuminated cross-needle meter measures the output power and SWR so you can monitor your station every time you transmit. You can choose from the two power ranges, 300 and 3000 watts.

The AT2K comes with a power wire that you can put power pole connectors on, or you can get a wallwart. 

Palstar AT2K Tuners features:

  • 20 to 1,500 ohms Impedance range
  • 160 to 6 meters
  • 15pF to 400pF at 4.5 kV  variable capacitors,
  • 26 uH 5 kV ceramic body roller inductor
  • Turns counter
  • Silver plated inductor wheel shaft, and contact wheel

The Palstar AT2K tunes:

  • Dipoles
  • Inverted Vees
  • Center fed doublets
  • End-fed wires
  • Delta Loops
  • Sky loops
  • Verticals
  • Beams
  • Double Bazookas
  • Carolina Windoms

The AT2K is made from 11 ga. iridite-treated aluminum, and has a  powder coated finish on the front panel and top cover.

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Palstar AT2K Antenna Tuner Review

The meter is large for easy reading, and seeing the power output and SWR at the same time is nice. The selector switch has a good feel, and clicks into place to be sure you are connected. The push buttons click firmly, and have a quality feel.

The input and output knobs are smooth, the large size makes tuning easy. The inductor crank works well, but I would prefer it to have the same quality feel as the knobs. The 3 digit readout lets you know where to set the inductor for each band. It is laid out well and comes with a nice finish.

I used the with my Palstar LA-1K and it performs flawlessly, never a problem. I like it so much I may want to try Palstar’s AT- Auto tuner.

By Vince