Radioddity GD-88 DMR/Analog

The Radioddity GD-88 DMR/Analog is a 7W Handheld transceiver. This dual band, dual mode, and dual standby HT contains two independent VFOs. It offers allow dual-band operation on VHF and UHF frequencies. The GD-88 allows a smooth transition from analog to digital DMR at any time. The dual-standby lets you monitor two frequencies at the same time.

The cross band repeat function lets you transmit on one band (UHF or VHF), and receive a signal on the other  band (VHF or  UHF). What makes the GD-88 different is the fact that you can cross band repeat from analog to digital and vise-versa. In DMR you can cross repeat from one time slot to the other on the same frequency.

 Multiple GD-88’s in a certain area can create a mesh-network. The GD-88 makes a great radio for emergency situations when conventional systems fail. Thee APRS-network bacons your location making this a good radio for outdoors and emergency situations.

<script>With its powerful and long lasting 3000mAh battery and built-in power saving feature, the Radioddity GD-88 DMR/Analog has up to 15 hours talk time on analog, 23 hours of talk time on digital mode, and 48 hours of standby time.

Newest firmware:

  • Support Talker Alias
  • Support the additional pilot tones
  • burst tones of 700Hz, 1000 Hz, 1400 Hz, 1450 Hz and 2100 Hz (requires CPS 3.3 [9.2.15]
  • Improved behavior of "Zone Switch" P-key

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Radioddity GD-88 DMR/Analog Transceiver

The GD-88 is a step up from the famous GD-77 that made a name for itself by being a good radio. I did not buy this radio, but had a chance to program one for my friends son. I also got a couple hours use out of it to compare to the GD077 I once had.

In that time I was impressed, at a much lower price then the Anytone 878 I feel it came close in durability and function. I feel the audio quality was close or the same as the Anytone, and the GD-88 was better then the GD-77.

This will make a nice radio for someone starting out in the hobby without having to spend much.

By Vince