938D Portable Hot Tweezers

The 938D Portable Hot Tweezers are a high-power heated parallel design. They  have a programmable temperature control and PID technology. A sleep timer shut off if not used in ten minutes. They have a Fahrenheit / Celsius temperature conversion function for convenience.

The 938D includes a temperature compensation speed so that the temperature fluctuations are small, and temperature stability is more accurate. This parallel electric tweezers design is very convenient for small electronic components. They work great for surface mount and other small chips and resistors. Both sides of the tweezers heat equally for easy removals. 

The open between the tweezer points can be adjusted for width, so it can be set to match the component to be removed. The tips are replaceable when they wear out to get the tool usable for years to come. The thermostat lets you control the amount of heat by a rotary knob and LED display, this helps to prevent damage from over heating.

<script>When it is time to remove small electronic components. The 938D Portable Hot Tweezers are the right tool fr the job.

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938D Portable Hot Tweezers

I needed a tool to remove surface mounted components for repairs and modifications. I came across the heated tweezers and immediately bought them. When unboxing it I thought I made a mistake because it did not look like a professional tool.

It heated up fast and held its temperature, under heavy use I had to bump up the temperature slightly but kept working. The tips cleaned off nicely, but could have been smaller. They also spun around if you did not tighten them enough.

The thermostat knob turns easy, but stays in place, the LED display is a nice touch that helps control excess heating. I have done 6 repairs and 8 mars mods and they still look and work good. They have already paid for themselves.

By Vince