Anti-Static Tweezers

The anti-static tweezers 8 piece set of precision tipped tweezers. They are ideal for use in electronics and ham radio repairs, very sharp tips for small surface mount components. Made with stainless steel for durability and rust protection.

They have coated handles to protect the electronics from Electrostatic discharges that can damage the sensitive circuitry. With such a diverse selection of tweezers, you can find a use for it in numerous other applications.

They have other uses like jewelry making, and other small crafts. Actually, they can be used for many hobbies, splinter extraction, and work well as eyebrow tweezers. Eye glass repairs with the small screws in easier with the Delcast Tweezers.

The set ships in a fitted roll-up style tool bag. It stores them together in a convenient bag for quick identification and portability. 

Set Includes

  • 120 mm ESD-11: Ultra Fine Tip Slim, extended handle
  • 140 mm ESD-12: Fine Tip Standard handle
  • 135 mm ESD-13: Tapered handle, blunt tip,
  • A 120 mm ESD-14: Ultra Fine Tip Tapered handle
  • 120 mm ESD-15: 45° Fine Tip Bent handle
  • 120 mm ESD-15: 45° Fine Tip Bent handle
  • A 120 mm ESD-16: Fine Tip High strength, reinforced handle
  • 130 mm ESD-17: 25° Fine Tip Bent handle
  • 120 mm Roll Up Tool bag

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ESD Stainless Anti-Static Tweezers

 I like the anti slip feel, and the coating protects against electrostatic discharges. I would like some bumps or ridges to allow more control when moving it in your hand.

The ultra fine, fine, and blunt tips do their jobs well, and the grooved grabbing area holds items firmly. These work well with the heated tweezers for surface mount work.

All the different shaped tips make this a well rounded set. I use the angle tips when soldering, and the straight tips for the other jobs. These are a good addition to my tool set. The points are so fine they are actually sharp.

These are not professional tweezers. They are good hobby tweezers that perform better than the normal household ones. This tweezers set comes in a roll up bag for ease of selection and portable use. I bought this for soldering, but I use them for many other projects. The wife tried to take mine, so I bought her a set.

By Vince