Yaesu FTDX 10

The Yaesu FTDX 10 is an HF/6 100w Hybrid SDR configuration, the Narrow band SDR receiver delivers excellent receiver performance. The 5-inch full color touch  panel and direct sampling SDR provides a real time spectrum scope. 

The Down Conversion type receiver configuration and 3 types of roofing filters deliver phenomenal multi-signal receiving characteristics with sharp “cliff edge” shape factor.  The 15 band pass filters and IF SHIFT/WIDTH, IF NOTCH/DNF, CONTOUR, DNR, and APF provide effective QRM rejection.

The push pull MOSFET RD70HUP2 is a high-quality and super stable final amplifier. and is cooled by an aluminum heat sink and low-noise cooling fan. A 250MHz high resolution digital synthesizer provides quiet, and clear reception.

The front Panel was designed for operating Efficiency with an SD card slot for saving data and easy updating. Remote Operations are also possible with the optional LAN unit. (SCU-LAN10) The multi purpose tuning dial adds more functionality.

The FTDX10 Features include:

  • High Speed Automatic Antenna Tuner with a large capacity 100-channel memory
  • RF & AF Transmit Monitor
  • Microphone Amplifier with Three-stage parametric Equalizer (SSB/ AM mode)
  • QMB (Quick Memory Bank)
  • Band Stack Function
  • Optional speaker – SP-30 designed for the new FTDX10
  • Optional roofing filter (300Hz) – XF-130CN available

Radio Features:

  • Double-Conversion Super heterodyne receiver
  • 9MHz IF Roofing Filters produce Excellent Shape Factor
  • ±0.5ppm Frequency Stability
  • Quick Memory Bank (QMB)
  • RTTY FSK/PSK Encode/Decode Function
  • Optional RF Gain Selection by IPO
  • Automatic Gain Control
  • Quick Split Function

Supports CW operation:

  • CW zero-in
  • CW Auto zero-in
  • CW Reverse
  • CW decode
  • CW keying Signal form Shaping by FPGA

Yaesu FTDX 10 Specifications

Frequency Ranges:

  • RX 1.8MHz - 29.699999MHz amateur bands only
  • RX 50MHz - 53.999999MHz amateur bands only
  • TX 1.8 - 54MHz on amateur bands only

Modulation Type: 

  • A1A(CW)
  • A3E(AM), J3E(LSB,USB)
  • F3E(FM)
  • F1B(RTTY)
  • G1B(PSK)

Intermediate Frequencies: 

  • 1st IF 9.005MHz
  • 2nd IF 24kHz

RF Power Output:

  • 5W - 100W (CW, LSB, USB, FM, RTTY, PKT)
  • 5W -25W (AM)

Supply Voltage: DC 13.8V ±15%

Size: 10.47" x 3.58" x 10.35"

Weight (Approx.): 13 lbs. / 5.9 kg

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Yaesu FTDX 10 Review

As a smaller radio, I do hit the wrong button from time to time, but not as much as I thought I would. I like the Yaesu parametric equalizer, with my PR40 I se it to roll off some of my deep voice. The built in sound card is nice, even if I rarely do the digital modes and more. I choose to spend my time on CW now. 

I added the additional 300 Hz roofing filter, CW is a pleasure on this radio with the features available. The receiver really brings in the weak signals. Using the different filters together have the best results. My PR40 sounds good on this radio from all the good reports I have been getting.

I use the external monitor and band changes with the mouse can speed me up the band during a contest. I am not a big fan of the spectrum scope, it looks like it has squared off signals compared to the 7300. The color is bright with sharp lines, and the menus are nice and easy to navigate. 

The second tuning dial ring, with all the functions you can use with it makes the ergonomics a little better, they are average other wise. I would call this a slightly above average radio with a great receiver. I do not think everyone will like it, but there are many that will love it.

By Vince